Conquerors League


 Practice does not make perfect. Rather- practice makes permanent. 

The most important factor in winning games are not tactics or formations, it is the quality of individual "technique". Team tactics are totally dependent upon each player's ability to execute the technical components of those tactics. For tactics to succeed you must have players who can pass the ball diagonally behind a defense, control the ball in tight areas, dribble past an opponent, or win head balls in set-plays. Without players who possess good technique, your time invested in team organization and principles of play will be fruitless. With players of high technical ability, the foundation will be strong to apply those techniques in skillful and tactical situations. It is of paramount importance that coaches Here at Conquerors League Soccer ~ Futsal Academy we challenge players to a level of technical excellence. "Practice does not make perfect" rather " practice makes permanent." To teach technique, at Conquerors League Soccer ~ Futsal Academy we have break down each component and we relay that information to our players. The technique must be isolated and performed until it becomes habit.

At Conquerors League Soccer ~ Futsal Academy we cover the skills in Passing, Ball Control, Shooting, Heading, Dribbling and Defending and Goalkeeping. Each skill is explained in detail and well-practiced by all!

One of our goals is to give you a unique, intense, and inspiring training experience. At Conquerors League Soccer ~ Futsal Academy we strive to make you a more complete soccer player while increasing your passion for the Lord & the game and commitment to excellence. However, in order to see significant physical & spiritual improvements in your game training must be consistent and frequent. Getting in a random training session every so often certainly has its value, but really becomes more of a "teaching" session, rather than a "training" session. These are helpful if a player just wants to sharpen up, discuss a certain area/issue(s) they are having with their respective game, or is preparing for an event/try-out. With 12 consecutive sessions you will not only receive extensive "teaching" but the "training" will provide remarkable benefits that 1-2 random sessions cannot. 

Most soccer players are frustrated for not being the player they want to be, not getting the playing time they want, and not having the skills they need to be a great player.  Many dream of becoming a professional soccer player, to be the best player on the field, but they don’t know how to actually improve their soccer skills.  They go to practices all the time, they join a club team, and play year round and practice as hard as they can but they never get any better than the other players on their team. This is the gap Conquerors League Soccer Training Ministry closes in on.

It’s all about “Touches”... we use specific drills and exercises that are designed to drastically improve your touch.   


The Push Pass
The Low Driven Pass
The Bent or Swerved Pass
The Chip Pass
The Lofted Pass
The Heel Pass
The Stab Pass


Ball Control

Cushion Control using the Feet
Cushion Control using the Inside of the foot
Cushion Control using the Thigh
Cushion Control using the Chest
Cushion Control using the Head
Wedge Control using the Feet
Wedge Control using the Thigh
Wedge Control using the Chest
Wedge Control using the Head
Shooting with the inside of the Foot
The Low Driven Shot
The Lofted Shot
The Chip Shot
The Bent (swerved) Shot 
The Half Volley Shot 
The Full Volley Shot 



Attacking Heading 
Defensive Heading
Flick On Header
Diving Header 



Dribbling Secrets
The Half Turn
The Quarter Turn
The Stop and Go 
The Fake Stop and Go
The Fake Cut
The Chop
The Step Over



Restraint when Defending
Timing of the Tackle
The Psychology of Tackling
The Block Tackle
The Slide Tackle


Saving Ground Balls 
Waist Height Saves
Head Height Saves
Above Head Height Saves
Diving Saves 
Dealing with Crosses 
Parrying the Ball 
The Under Hand Roll 
The Overhand Throw 
The Goal Kick 
The Full Volley 
The Drop Kick


Offensive and Defensive Team Tactics

This section is designed to introduce you to a wide selection of Fundamental and Advanced Tactical principles for effective team performances such as Systems of Play, Attacking Team Tactics, Defensive Team Tactics, Small Group Tactics, Attacking Restarts and Set-Play’s, Defensive Restarts and Set-Play’s.

 Systems of Play

 The 4-4-2 System
 The 3-5-2 System
 The 4-3-3 System
 The 3-4-3 System
 The 4-5-1 System

Attacking Team Tactics

Attacking Team Principles
Attacking with Width as a Team
Depth in Attack
Playing Direct
Setting Up Play
Beating the Offside Trap

Building from the Defensive Third

Wide Defender Passing Option 1
Wide Defender Passing Option 2
Wide Defender Passing Option 3
Wide Defender Passing Option 4
Wide Defender Passing Option 5
Wide Defender Passing Option 6
Central Defender Passing Option 1
Central Defender Passing Option 2
Central Defender Passing Option 3
Central Defender Passing Option 4
Central Defender Passing Option 5
Central Defender Passing Option 6


Attacking Runs

Attacking Run 1
Attacking Run 2

Attacking Run 3
Attacking Run 4

Defensive Team Tactics

Defensive Team Principles
High Pressure Defending
Role of the First Forward (FWD)
Role of the Second Forward (FWD)
Role of the Near Side Midfielder (RM)
Role of the Central Midfielders (CM)
Role of the Far Sided Midfielder (LM)
Role of the Near Side Fullback (RB)
Role of the Central Defender (CD)
Role of the Sweeper (SWP)
Role of the Far Sided Fullback (LB) 
Low Pressure Defending
The Offside Trap
The Offside Trap on Free Kicks 
Playing with a Sweeper
Making Play Predictable

Small Group Tactics

Overlapping Runs
Cross-Over Runs 
Blind-Sided Runs 
The Wall Pass 
Recovery Runs and Channels
Losing Tight Markers 
Man for Man Marking
Restarts and Set Plays


Principles of Defensive Restarts

Defending Corner Kicks
Defending the Long Throw in
The 1 Man Wall
The 2 Man Wall
The 3 Man Wall
The 4 Man Wall 
The 5 Man Wall


Principles of Attacking Restarts

Attacking Corner Kick - Crowding the Goalkeeper
Attacking Corner Kick - Front or Back Post Area 
Attacking Corner Kick - Behind the first defender 
Attacking Throw In - The Fake Long Throw