Conquerors League

U5 - U6  |  Pre-K,K
U7 - U8  |  1st, 2nd Grade
U9 - U10  |  3rd, 4th Grade
U11  |  5th Grade
U12  |  6th Grade
U13  |  7th Grade
U14  |  8th Grade
U16  |  9th, 10th Grade
U18  |  11th, 12th Grade



Age Group | Most Common School Grade

Age Group and Team Placement Policy:

Conquerors League Soccer & Futsal Academy uses the United States Youth Soccer (USYS) approved age groups for ALL players unless special circumstances warrant playing up or down. Playing down is only considered for medical reasons with a written note from a doctor and playing up is not considered, unless recommended by a member of the Conquerors League Soccer & Futsal Academy coaching staff
after the player has been evaluated. Our volunteer age group coordinators must balance many factors when forming teams including number of registered players, team size and coach availability. With over many children participating in our soccer programs annually, our age group coordinators make every attempt to place kids by location and neighborhood only. We cannot guarantee specific team placement for everyone so our policy is not to accept team placement requests from anyone. We ask that you please abide by our policy and encourage your child to make new friends on the soccer team with which he or she is placed.

2014-2015 Age Group Chart

Please use this chart below to line up your child's birth month and year, which will show the specific age group (U7 = Under 7). The age group categories span a year from August of one year to July of the next. If your child is in the Under-9 age group and has not yet turned 9, please understand that this is OK and many children in the age group are the same age as your child. Also, please note that your child will be in the same age group for the entire year (including the Fall and Spring seasons). All children in the age group will move up together in the next Fall season.